This is the Alpha-1 wet purpose boot from Works H2o Designs. Below is a product reference guide highlighting the boots features.


The following instructions provide guidelines for use and installation of boots, as well as best care practices.

pair of water-socks is provided with your boots. Place the sock on your foot as normal, aligning the seam for comfort. Note, logo on the sock is intended to be positioned on the outside of the upper ankles.
After putting on the sock, prepare the opening of the boot by loosening the quick-synch lace ball (press the release button) and slide the ball outward to loosen the laces. Next, open the ankle strap by pulling the end and freeing from the velcro. Place your foot in the opening as normal. A loop in back of heal area is provided to assist you in pulling the boot onto your foot.  
Once in place, make sure the tongue is centered, and position the flaps on each side of the boot opening over the tongue creating a seal. 
Snug laces by pulling the end outward and then sliding down the quick-synch lace ball to hold laces in place. 
pocket opening at top of tongue allows the quick-synch lace ball to be tucked out of the way. 
Place the ankle strap through plastic loop and pull snug around ankle for comfort, then push down the end onto Velcro area on the side of boot to keep strap in place.


Remove any debris by thoroughly rinsing with clean fresh water and mild soap. Note, do not use harsh soaps or solvents to clean the Alpha-1 boot. If used in salt water, always thoroughly rinse to prolong the life of the socks and boots. Once boots are rinsed allow to fully air-dry. After drying, you can use a mink oil paste or saddle soap paste, to care for the synthetic leather areas on outside of boot.